> 2015 - NABBA International Universe Show (NZ Team Results)


NABBA International proudly presents the
2015 NABBA International Universe Bodybuilding Championships
- Cebu City, Philippines -
- 13th - 16th November 2015 -


NABBA NZ Athlete Results

Ms. Universe Shape - Ruth Tae’iloa
Ms. Universe Physique - Christine Henwood
Mr. Universe Athletic - Kurt Brunton
Ms. Universe Figure - Sarah Malthus

Masters 40+
1st Clint Ashburner
4th Tony Silverthorn


Masters 50+
6th Steve Ward

Grandmasters 65+
1st Jeremi Musialkowski

1st Ruth Tae’iloa
4th Marcie Webb
5th Priyaanka Khatri
6th Ana Noble
Out of Top 6:
Alanna Clarkson
Simone Davey
Coralie Goldfinch

1st Stefan Gianni
4th Tim Warren

Physique 40+
1st Christine Henwood
2nd Lisa Williams
3rd Vicky Boswell

Physique Women
3rd Linda Lelieveld

Athletic Tall
1st Kurt Brunton
3rd Anthony Bowen
5th Fabian Korzelius
Out of Top 6:
Manuell Korzelius
Tehezib Lathiff

Figure 40+
2nd Donna Randell
4th Audrey O’Keefe
5th Maria Dunlop

Figure Short
1st Sarah Malthus
3rd Mandy Vine
4th Sasha Crafar
5th Simone Jarden

Figure Tall
1st Jessica Nelipovich
2nd Nadene Chapman
3rd Maria Oliphant-O’Donnell

Physique Tall
3rd Aaron Vaisigano

Mixed Pairs
2nd Donna Randell & Tony Silverthorn

· Due to illness, Nigel Randell was unable to compete.

NZ Team Officials:
Jim Pitt - NABBA NZ President
Marianne Poole - Manager
Colleen Sloane - Judge
Karen McGough - Judge

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