> 2013 - NAC Universe Show Results


NAC International proudly presents the
2013 NAC Universe Bodybuilding Championships
- Hamburg, Germany -
- 30th November 2013 -


NABBA NZ Athlete Results

3rd - Susan Baxter (Shape)

6th - Donna Randell (Figure 40+)

7th - Rebecca Nisbett (Shape)

8th - Janine Haywood (Figure)


Outside of Top 10

Shane Berland (Athletic Tall)

Bjorn Constable (Athletic Short)

Andrew Murray (Athletic Short)

Nigel Randell (Masters 40+)

Cassie Chow (Figure)

Shanae Barker (Physique)


NAC Universe Athlete Report - Susan Baxter

NAC Universe Athlete Reports - Rebecca Nisbett & Shenae Barker

NAC Universe, NABBA NZ Team Manager Report - Rachel Murray

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