> 2011 - NABBA International Asia-Pacific Results


2011 NABBA International
Asia-Pacific Bodybuilding Championships

- 30th April 2011 -


Masters Men
Dieter Horn (70+) - (1st)
Ross Gray (40+) - (5th)

Junior Men
Alex Spenceley - (2nd)
Chon Wa Chu - (3rd)
Julio Papps - (4th)

Steve Papps - (6th)

Physique Men
Chris Hennessy - (10th)

Ms. Fitness
Lisa Gifford - (4th)

Jolene Morris - (2nd)
Elaine Bishop - (3rd)

Physique Women
Tina Walker - (2nd)
Julie Wordsworth - (3rd)
Delwyn Evans - (5th)

Mixed Pairs
Julie Wordsworth / Chris Hennessy - (1st)
Dene Flude (Athletic) withdrew due to injury.

Colleen Sloane (Physique Women) returned home due to family bereavement.

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